We work together in whatever format works best to achieve your maximum growth, helping you to release any blocks in your way and to establish new patterns that ensure your living a life you love.


Tools essential for you to flourish

Together we create the dream you would love, 

with proven tools to help you move into that reality.


Start to live by design instead of by default

You will learn to design your life and welcome it into reality

rather than accepting what life throws you .


Relationship starts with you

The best relationship you can have is with yourself.  

Learn your truth and how to live it.

Relationships with others 

can be so much better when we use different language 

and have the clear intention.

Learn healthy communication skills 

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Programs- Mix and match or Stand Alone

Dream Builder


Learn to DEFINE your vision, DESIGN the gap between your current life and the vision, and DELIVER the results of that vision!

14 wk Program

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Working with the Law

A follow-up or stand alone program on the laws that create harmony in all aspects of life.

A comprehensive follow-up or stand alone program to understand and integrate the laws that govern our lives, which create harmony in every aspect of life. When we work within these laws, life is seemless.

12 wk program 

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Into Your Genius


A Deep Dive into the concepts of our 6 mental faculties, Imagination, Will, Memory, Perception, Intuition and Reason, that unlock our full potential to create results for every vision.  Discover a whole new set of senses that will increase your results exponentially .

12 wk program

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relationships, conflict resolution, communication, misunderstanding, connections, misconnection

Healthy communication, Healthy relationships.   Increased intimacy, trust, and effective conflict resolution.  Have the relationships you enjoy and cherish.

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widow, widowers, loss,death, unemployed

Integrating loss with life .  The Dark Night of the Soul; how to honor it and move through it.

If you've suffered a loss in your life, this will guide you to the next chapter.

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Get your business  up and running and fully automated in 4 weeks.

Everything you need to set up to have your business running in a step by step tutorial.

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