Helping others is my passion.

I believe that we are all far greater than any circumstance, situation, or condition,  I believe in living what I teach and delivering what I promise, I bring sincere love and care to every interaction and it is my endeavor to anticipate your wants and exceed your expectations. 

These are the tenants of my business and my life. 

My gift has always been to be able to see the very best in people and see far beyond their present situation.


Professionalism and Experience

As a professionally trained and certified Life Mastery Consultant, as well as a Reiki Master and energy worker,  I have the tools and the understanding 

to help you create the life you imagine.

I have a comprehensive set of tools that are proven to work .

My experience goes back to when I was a child,  I helped my father quit smoking, which required unwavering persistence and support.    I saw the potential in my first boyfriend to be so much more than he believed himself to be. His father still to this day, thanks me for believing in him, so that he went to college and has been very successful ever since.  

This has been my calling from the beginning. 

When life threw me a curve ball in 2013, 

I found  the opportunity to live my dream to the fullest.

 I began intense study and became certified in what I have been doing my whole life anyway.   I have hundreds of hours of continuing education since then and will continue to do so, because awareness is forever increasing and learning never stops.

BA degree (Interpersonal Communication) from Rutgers University

Master Certification in Reiki

Certified Life Mastery Consultant

Certified Integrative Life Coach

Qigong Facilitator

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Your Journey

Investing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give. When we become the best version of ourselves, we are able to give so much more to others.  

Give yourself permission to dream big!

And believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. 

My personal commitment is to provide you with proven tools, and unwavering support. When you don't believe in yourself, 

you can borrow my belief, until you do!   

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Reviews and testimonials

Client Reviews

Andrea is a gift to anyone's life she touches.  She is kind, nurturing and  supportive.

She has helped me to navigate through many challenges and crossroads in my life with clarity, love., humor and kindness.  She has an enormous amount of tools and helped me to find the right path to get the answers I needed.

I can honestly say, I feel lucky and fortunate that our paths crossed.  She is beyond special and has been a supportive person/friend throughout my life.   ~S.S.

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I have seen such a development in my father since having Andrea as his life coach.  He has become calmer and more determined to be a person of increase in all situations.  There are readings such as "The Four Agreements" and other literature that Andrea has passed along to him, that include simple principles of self awareness and control, and learning how to sometimes relinquish control.

He has adopted many meditating practices and found a peace of mind that has truly rubbed off on me and influenced my way of thinking on a daily basis.

I am proud of the progress he has made and he has inspired me to find peace within myself too.  Thank you so much Andrea.   ~J.C.



I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea for the past couple of years now both as her client, collaborator and friend. I first met Andrea in her music store that she ran along side her late husband. My son was taking singing lesson. I have always known Andrea to be inspiring, graceful and giving. Several years later I enrolled in Andreas Inspired Life Mastery Dream Builder program. At first I was working with the program and saw little change. Andrea had a lot of patience with me. By the end of the 14 week course I began to see marked changes in my thinking and thought process. I do deserve to make my dreams come true! Dream Building was beginning to move me in the direction I was yearning for. Andrea then introduce the second series in the Dream Builder series. She asked me if I was ready to continue my journey to building my dreams. Of course I was I told her. Within 14 months of completing the two courses I had signed a lease and began building out my Wellness Center. Simultaneously, I was working on developing some raw land in Colorado I had purchased the year before. I am developing the land for the ultimate retreat, that is the long term goal. In the short term offering mini retreats, classes and services to the community where I live in Point Pleasant NJ made the most sense to me to reach the next goal. Hence, Pampered Spirit Wellness Center was born. That is the systematic approach with this coaching. Everything just starts to fall into place when you open your mind to the possibilities. Andrea has begun offering QiGong, envision workshops and Singing Bowl meditations at Pampered Spirit Wellness Center and I couldn’t be more pleased than to work along side her bringing these healing, inspiring events to more people as we grow in love, acceptance and mastery.





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